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Surprising your Valentine at Work

This year, Valentine’s Day fell on a Wednesday, making it the perfect opportunity to surprise your sweetheart at work. 

As I try to avoid public places during holidays or special occasions, this year was the first year that I walked into Publix the day before Valentine’s Day. It was like a completely different store. The whole front of the store was nothing but flowers, roses, balloons, and chocolates ect. I too was amongst the many men looking for the perfect arrangement. I went to get something for my daughter from my husband. I give those guys credit because it was difficult for me to choose 😂 sure did make me want some!

There is nothing like the “wow” factor when flowers come through the office door and the anticipation on whose name the delivery carrier spits out.  

Well this year, each of our significant other sent us a dozen roses! 

Needless to say, we were all so surprised and excited to have received roses at work!! Brownie points for the win! 

Keep your relationship alive, make her feel special.. always remember.. happy wife happy life 😂 What you might think is a waste of money, might just mean the world to someone else. 

You guys are awesome for making us happy and feeling special!

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